Don't make life easy for your kids

As a parent, it’s tough to watch your child struggle with a new task, new subject, or even a new obstacle on a playground. Our instinct, as parents, is to remove all obstacles in their way and create the least amount of resistance. We need to constantly remind ourselves that this resistance is exactly what develops their mental strength and character, much like physical training develops physical strength. We don’t need to make life easier for them, we need to make them stronger.

Building stronger kids is about consistency

There is a common trait we see with parents of the most confident, independent, and socially/emotionally strong kids. It’s not a parenting hack or trick. It’s not a secret from some parenting guru. It’s consistency. When parents are consistent they can move mountains with a child’s development. We’ve observed a hundred times at KidStrong. We’ve seen kids go from crying and holding on mom’s leg to walking into class with chest held high and high fiving a coach. We’ve seen kids go from bouncing off the walls to being focused and alert for an entire class. We’ve seen kids conquer obstacles they never thought were possible because their parents never gave up and kept at it day after day and clas

It’s our responsibility as coaches and parents to help children develop their own process to overcom

When a child encounters an obstacle there are two paths to choose from. Avoid and flee or forge ahead and figure it out. When a child avoids difficulty it lays a track in the brain. When a child overcomes an obstacle that also lays a track in the brain. These choices build upon themselves and eventually become the operating system for a child. It’s our responsibility as coaches and parents to help children develop their own process to overcome obstacles. One of the things we’ve learned at KidStrong is that the ability to view obstacles as opportunities is a mindset that we have to help children develop over time - rep after rep, day after day, challenge after challenge. This ability is like

Leadership is a superpower for children

The ability to lead is a super power for children. It brings with it confidence, independence, and emotional maturity. However, this trait is in short supply in the youth of today. We hear this time and again from educators, parents, and coaches. One of the things we’ve learned over watching thousands of training sessions at KidStrong is that parents who model leadership develop kids who are able to lead. Don’t be afraid to lead your children. It’s how they learn what leadership is and it gives them the tools to lead themselves and others. #parenting #childdevelopment #leadership


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