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Franchising with KS title with Boy Running
Franchising with KS title with Boy Running - Mobile Image
KidStrong is a kids training program for kids 1-11 years old.

We help parents identify their child’s superpowers and accelerate development across character, physical, and brain milestones.

This results in kids who are more confident making friends, on the playground, and in the classroom.

In other words… Kids who will win at life.
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Helping Kids win at life Hexagons Mobile
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Our sleek, app-driven tech monitors your kids' developmental milestones using interactive learning tools, tracks progress, and provides access to at-home resources, including experts and science-backed training modules.

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KidStrong Differentiators
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Our Story
Matt and Megin Sharp
In 2015, Matt and Megin began training at home and seeing amazing results with their own kids. Through experimentation and research, they realized that what parents want is a trusted resource to help them raise strong and independent kids. They began developing programs and hosting pop-up classes in Lexington, KY.

In 2018, they moved to Dallas and opened the first KidStrong center in Frisco, TX with co-founder Megan Stein. Together, they decided to perfect the KidStrong program with a focus on brain, character, and physical development of kids. Today, we have grown exponentially, with nearly 400 franchises sold to date and thousands of lives changed.
Matt and Megin Sharp

Why Partner with us?

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Mary H.
"I am grateful and thrilled to be given the opportunity to bring KidStrong to our Twin Cities community. With a coaching team that is passionate about positively influencing youth's characer, brain, and physical literacy. KidStrong Minnesota is going to be the leader in youth development" -Mary H.
Rachel P.
"KidStrong is the type of program I wish was around when I was growing up. I am so excited to bring this one-of-a-kind program to Ontario to help kids discover their true potential by building confidence and fostering an active lifestyle!"
-Rachel P.
Joe P.
"There is excitement in building a new KidStrong community through the connections between coaches, kids, and parents." -Joe P.
DNA wheel

Let’s get started

We are looking for amazing franchisees that fit the DNA of a successful KidStrong Operator. The following outlines the steps of the Mutual Evaluation Process and how YOU can bring KidStrong to your community today!

Operating a Kidstrong is not a side hustle. We are looking for owners who are prepared to live by the shield. If you aren’t prepared to be in your area operating your business and leading your team from the front – this may not be the right fit

Required Owner Net Worth

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1 Location: $200,000 Liquid // $500,000 Net Worth

3 Locations: $600,000 Liquid // $1,000,000+ Net Worth

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Introduction to KidStrong

An overview of the KidStrong franchise opportunity including expectations, available territory, costs & items, and reception of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). You can then review the FDD and take the steps to prepare for the evaluation process in Phase 2. We will also verify we have the proper territory available for you.

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KidStrong Education

The Phase 2 Evaluation call is an opportunity for us to get to know you better, discuss the KidStrong program and make sure we are both a great fit for each other, in addition to better understanding your operation plan. We will answer any questions on the fdd and confirm the territory available to you. We will introduce you to our lending partners and verify how you will be funding the business.

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Executive call

You will have a one on one call with our Vice President of Franchise Development where you will discuss why you are interested in KidStrong, how you plan to operate the territory, the KidStrong real estate strategy, and the many layers of support we offer. We will get you registered for discovery day and begin the preparation to meet the entire KidStrong team.

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Completed discovery day

We will have a post discovery day call to finalize the mutual evaluation process and make the decision to commit to KidStrong.

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Agreement Signing

Signing your agreement

Once you have been approved to be awarded a franchise, you will sign the development or franchise agreement, pay the franchise fee along with any other associated fees.

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Welcome to the kidstrong family

You are now a KidStrong franchisee! We will onboard you to the center readiness team and begin your process of locating a site, signing the lease, and beginning construction. You will receive unmatched levels of support throughout the real estate, construction, and training and certifications phases to ensure you are prepared to operate the kidstrong way.

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Ready to join the kidstrong system?

If you meet our minimum liquidity requirements, are located in an available market, and ready to change kids lives – go ahead and click below to submit your information and a representative from our Franchise Development team will contact you.

Kids posing at KidStrong