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Matt Sharp founded KidStrong with his wife, Megin, back in 2015 in their hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. He began building equipment in his home for his 15 month old daughter, Ella, after they realized the type of program they wanted for her didn’t exist. With his entrepreneur mindset, his early goal of setting her up for success and providing her with a foundation for having confidence in school and in life harvested a grander plan. Matt and his wife cultivated a team of experts who all believed in this common goal and took KidStrong from Lexington, Kentucky to Frisco, Texas to open up the second location. This began the growth of this kids training program from two locations to almost one hundred and counting.

Prior to this, Matt obtained his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and has also owned a crossfit gym. With his experience running a boutique fitness business combined with his wife’s physical education background, they were able to form a team of experts to develop their ultimate goal of a kids training program that would provide kids with the strength and confidence needed to help them win at life.