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Apr 1, 2020 1 min read

Why Should Kids Avoid the W-Sit?


The W-sit is a sitting position where a person or child sits with their legs rotated in and their feet out rotated around them, so their legs make the shape of a W. You may have seen your child sit this way and marveled at their flexibility! But, KidStrong Coach and Director of Programming, Patrick Ford, DPT, discusses how to support a better, stronger sitting position.


The W-sit is an inherently weak sitting position. It does not require activation of any core muscles and puts all the body weight on the hips, adding undue stress to the hip joint.


Why might your child sit in this position?

  1. Weak Core Muscles. If your child has a weak core, sitting in the W-sit gives them a wider base of support.

  2. Comfort. Kids are constantly moving and learning! As they move and grow, they are learning about their body and how it works. They may have just landed in this sitting position and found it comfortable.


Whenever you see your child sitting in the W-sit, encourage a stronger sitting position. Here are some options:

  1. Side-sitting: knees bent with the child’s feet going toward the same side of their body. Still encourages core activation!

  2. Criss-cross: child’s bottom is on the floor with their feet crossed in front of them

  3. Long-sitting: legs and feet are stretched out long in front of the child

  4. Kneeling: child has their knees bent and their feet tucked underneath their bottom


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