KidStrong Staff Writer
Apr 5, 2020 1 min read

Is My Child Too Young for KidStrong?


We are often asked, "Is my child too young for Kidstrong?" Director of Research, Kristie Abt, Ph.D, eloquently answers this with a resounding, “No." She goes on to explain how Kidstrong will be beneficial to even the youngest of kids.


Research shows children to be at their most receptive to stimuli when they are young. The stimuli Kidstrong uses are basic exercises to challenge and improve each one. Some of the skills kids will develop with these exercises are body awareness, balance, coordination, control, endurance, power and strength. Strength is the foundation for all movements, and therefore extremely important to a growing child.


The Kidstrong training program develops kids not just on a physical level. Additionally, we value strong character by focusing on their social and mental skills. The children are able to achieve these skills through interactions with our coaches and other kids in class. Additionally, we are going to challenge the kids with problem solving games, words and letter games, teamwork activities, and additional activities that they can complete at home with Hero at Homework and KidStrong University to further advance their skills. Kidstrong offers a complete program, for even the youngest children, to build invaluable skills that will be carried throughout their life.


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