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Apr 28, 2020 1 min read

5 Ways to Build Stronger Kids

As parents, we want to do our best to make sure our kids are becoming stronger, but we are often unsure as to what that looks like. At KidStrong, we focus on building stronger kids through our three curriculum pillars: brain, physical, and character development. Within those three pillars, lie these five ways to build stronger kids:

  1. Physical Activity When our kids engage in physical activity, we are looking to build strength as strength is the foundation of all movement. This helps to develop skills for free play, sports, and even daily life chores. Also, when kids move, they feel better which will make them more likely to engage in physical activity in the future.

  2. Stimulate the Mind Our kids need to engage in activities that stimulate the mind. This is mainly achieved through school. Kids are presented with a variety of subjects in school that help to stretch the mind. This is important to help to develop problem solving skills so our kids are able to take on challenging tasks. At KidStrong, we help foster those problem solving skills through teaching our kids to maneuver their bodies through obstacles, and create monthly milestones that challenge their minds such as foreign language, counting, anatomy, etc.

  3. Develop Confidence Everyday our kids are stepping into a new world that is rapidly changing. They need to have confidence to go about their day. To help develop confidence, set easy tasks for your child to complete. As they complete them, they will gain more confidence in their abilities. At KidStrong, we have age-appropriate chore lists that our kids can use to track their completed tasks. As they fill-up their chore sheet, they gain confidence in what they can achieve.

  4. Invoke Independence We all have that one child who says, “I am going to do it by myself!” Although our kids may take a substantial amount of time to complete a simple task, we need to allow them to do this on their own to help invoke independence. Most times, we as parents, become inpatient and tend to complete the task for them. At KidStrong, we strive to allow our kids complete tasks and obstacles on their own. Simply, we just step back and let them do it.

  5. Social Interaction We are not meant to live life alone and kids are no exception. Kids need social interaction to learn how to communicate. At KidStrong, we practice our social greetings as we know that kids who have a strong social greeting are more likely to attain a higher education and maintain better jobs.


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