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Jun 4, 2020 1 min read

Strategies for Developing Sportsmanship

Building Stronger Kids: Episode 5

In episode 5 of Building Stronger Kids, Matt and Megin, Founders of KidStrong, sat down with former Dallas Cowboy, and dad of four, Tyler Clutts, to talk about Developing Sportsmanship in Children.

Some of the major takeaways from the conversation for parents:

Approach life with gratitude. In this culture where we have so much and are often one click away from everything we want, we need to work especially hard to instill gratitude in our children.The appreciation children learn from putting in the hard work is so much more valuable than having things handed to them.

Competitiveness and sportsmanship are not mutually exclusive. You can be competitive and still have good sportsmanship. Some of the strongest competitors also have sportsmanship that is second-to-none. There is nothing wrong with being competitive - we want our children to be competitive. But we also want them to know how to lose, and be good sports about it. No one wants an athletic jerk, so focus on building character and social development!

Encourage kids to have fun - and pursue things they are passionate about, and focus less on results. As parents, often we want our child to be the best - at sports, in the school play, at academics. Encourage them to find things they are passionate about, and then support them in that passion. And it’s okay if this journey takes them a while to figure out. Most of us are not going to be pro athletes - and that’s okay. The most important thing is that they are enjoying themselves, and absorbing all the life-lessons that come from participating in sports.

If you’d like to hear the full conversation with Tyler, head over to KidStrong University and start your free trial today.


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