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Stop Slouching! The Importance of Good Posture


When we were young, some of us may have heard our mothers tell us, “Stand up straight and stop slouching!” Well, it was no coincidence that mom put so much emphasis on our posture.


Benefits of Posture




When we help our children attain correct posture, we are setting their body up for success. Proper posture allows our children’s joints to be in the best possible position for their muscles to work efficiently. Doing so decreases energy requirements and decreases a child’s risk for fatigue. This can be most evident in the classroom: Children that sit up straight are able to pay attention longer to the teacher for those A+ grades.


Joint health


Creating a habit of correct posture is also a great defense against joint breakdown & pain. Correct posture places our children’s joints in a position where the forces throughout their body are more evenly distributed. This foundation is even more important when our children experience growth spurts and can be at increased risk for scoliosis.




Upright posture even has a power psychological component. Standing tall with your shoulders back communicates that you are ready to take on the world. Children with improved posture are more confident, brave, and less likely to shy away from adversity.


How We Can Help




Just like our parents before us, we are in a great position to help our kids develop habits early on that will empower them later in life. This includes posture. Let’s help our children with gentle, consistent reminders to sit up tall (no slouching!) when they are standing or sitting.




Let’s be mindful of the positions our children are making their default. With the abundance of screens, are we being responsible with the amount of time children are looking down with their backs/necks flexed forward? Every thirty minutes should be an invitation to take a break and move!




Posture takes muscle strength! Without the required strength in the specific muscle groups that enable us to achieve the correct position, our children are at a significant disadvantage. Let’s help our children by participating in exercises that target the core and upper back to ensure their muscles have adequate strength and endurance!


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