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Jun 15, 2020 1 min read

Nutrition 101 for Busy Parents

Building Stronger Kids: Episode 8

In this edition of Building Stronger Kids, Matt and Megin, Founders of KidStrong, talked with Paul Nobles, Founder of Eat to Perform, about strategies to stay lean and healthy while raising kids.

Paul had lots of interesting strategies and insights to share.

One fact you probably didn’t know: women gain muscle when pregnant. It’s true! Women in Paul’s study gained between 5 and 11 pounds of muscle while pregnant. That’s not weight you are going to drop magically after birth - so it’s not practical to expect to get back to that pre-baby weight right away. You’ve got more muscle now! That muscle also contributes to your body’s metabolism and makes it more efficient at burning calories throughout the day.

Paul also shared his thoughts with Matt and Megin about the dreaded scale. He is an advocate for daily weigh-ins, as a strategy to hold yourself accountable. Research shows that people who weigh themselves daily are more successful at maintaining their weight. When it comes to your weight, it seems ignorance is not bliss.

In the end, the most important point Paul made when wanting to make a lifestyle change or lose weight, is to make your health and the food you put into your body a priority. So many of the excuses and struggles commonly faced with trying to lose weight simply disappear when someone prioritizes food over other things, and takes the additional time needed to plan and prepare for success. See the value in the result, and do the work. (Also, you’re probably not eating enough calories.)

If you’d like to hear the full conversation with Paul, head over to KidStrong University and start your free trial today. If you’d like to learn more about the nutrition coaching Eat to Perform provides, you can find their popular Facebook page here.


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