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Apr 7, 2020 1 min read

When Should My Child Start Showing Interest in Crawling, Walking, or Running?

There are a lot of developmental milestones - rolling over, sitting up, walking, crawling, holding a spoon. With so many milestones, parents often worry if their child is on track. In our KidStrong classes, we also discuss different milestones such as jumping, throwing, and catching. KidStrong Coach and Director of Programming, Patrick Ford, DPT, discusses one of the major physical milestones - learning how to move.

Typical age ranges for these milestones are:

Crawling: 6-10 months

Walking: 10-18 months

Running: 18-24 months (2 years)

Should parents be concerned if their child is getting close to the end of that range, but hasn’t met that milestone? Before worrying if your child hasn’t met that crawling, walking or running milestones, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Opportunity. Does your child have the opportunity to practice this skill? Are they being carried everywhere? Are toys being brought to them? Or do they participate in tummy time and have an opportunity to develop the strength and coordination needed to crawl?

  2. Motivation. Does your child want to move? Are there toys out for them to play with and encouraging them to move?

  3. Meaningful Engagement. Is your child participating in activities that encourage crawling, walking or running? Are you playing with them and giving them meaningful, encouraging one-on-one interaction?

  4. Strength and Skill. Make sure your child is participating in exercise and play! Playing provides the exercise the child needs to to develop the strength to move.

Spend time on the floor or outside with your child. Get on their level, stay engaged with them and give them the opportunity to develop and master these gross motor milestones!


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