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Apr 14, 2020 1 min read

Tips for a Successful Transition to Kindergarten

Kindergarten teachers struggle with the vast difference in children that start school ready to learn, and those that are completely unprepared. Haley Ralston, a former elementary school principal, shares her professional opinions on how parents can prepare their children for this transition.

Here are some ways to help your children prepare for kindergarten:

  1. Parents can introduce a routine, adding more structure in the home about six months before school begins. Setting a pattern for kids to follow will help tremendously with their transition to a structured day at school.

  1. Kids need to be taught to wait their turn. This can be taught as simply as taking their child to the store with them, and having them stand in line to pay for an item.

  1. Basic skills like learning the primary colors, knowing how to use scissors, and being able to count to 10 can be very beneficial academically.

Kids are usually excited to start school; they get a new backpack, a lunch box, new clothes and shoes. The most important tools parents can give their children, however, are the social, behavioral and academic tools to help them to succeed.

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