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Mar 24, 2020 1 min read

Improve Your Child's Behavior With Exercise

Did you ever hear that physical activity helps a child’s behavior? It’s TRUE! When a child performs physical activity it has potent effects on the body and the brain. Let’s dive in on how this all works.

Kids have seemingly endless amounts of energy, right? And as parents we know that a benefit of exercise is that it releases some of their energy. This release is actually the brain responding to the activity. In fact, exercise has the ability to change a child’s brain chemistry resulting in an improvement in a child’s self-regulation (ability to control behaviors and emotions) and the sense of feeling calm. Additionally, a child experiences improved concentration and focus for a given task. Think about how incredibly important this is for overall behavior, schoolwork and academic performance. Pretty cool, huh!?

So, be sure to make daily physical activity a priority with your child! Try to accumulate 60 minutes each day (does not have to be all at once). Take advantage of KidStrong University Boosts and our Brain + Body Workouts. These workouts are designed specifically for brain development and can be completed any time of the day - before performing school work and/or as a movement break throughout the day! Enjoy it!

What do you do to make sure your child gets daily physical activity? What does your family (child) like to do when being active? Comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


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