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May 25, 2020 1 min read

Tactics for Bullying Prevention

Last week Matt and Megin Sharp sat down to chat with Tim Credeur, a former UFC fighter and trainer, owner of martial arts gyms for kids, and dad of three. They talked about bullying prevention and developing confidence in our kids.

So how do we create a child who can encounter bullying and successfully navigate the situation?

First, we need to define bullying. We sometimes throw around the term bullying for any time a child feels nervous or stressed around another child as bullying. In reality, kids are learning to navigate the world around them and their relationships with others. They’re learning how to handle conflict, and that doesn’t always go smoothly - even for adults!

Two things we can teach our kids that dramatically impacts the way they interact with the world, the way they handle bullying, are confidence and independence. A confident, independent child may ward off bullies. But even when confronted with a bullying scenario, these children simply don’t see it as bullying. They handle the bullying situation psychologically.

The confident child applies a different measure of character to all aspects of their life. They walk proud. They look adults in the eye. They learn how to make friends, talk to other kids. They become the type of the child that other kids want to befriend.

So how do we instill our kids with the confidence and independence they need to successfully navigate these bullying situations? Here are a few tips:

Be present. Uncertainty in a child’s life can make him or her nervous or anxious, not confident.

Introduce adversity in fun and creative ways. This gives your child the opportunity to navigate difficult situations in a safe environment that fosters their success - building their confidence. Failure is necessary for future wins.

Resist the urge to be a helicopter parent. Our kids need to have the opportunity to learn independence and confidence, to fail and succeed and to experience the consequences - good and bad - of their actions.

If you’d like to hear the full discussion on tactics for bullying prevention with Tim Credeur, click here.


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