KidStrong Staff Writer
Apr 12, 2020 1 min read

Barefoot is Best! Here's Why.

Barefoot is better! KidStrong Coach and Director of Programming, Patrick Ford, DPT, is right on point with why we don’t wear shoes during our Kidstrong workouts. When we are first learning to walk as babies, we are usually barefoot. This helps us feel the ground and strengthen our feet to support ourselves. So, why not go barefoot when we are working out?

It is important to strengthen the muscles in our feet at a young age to prevent injuries later down the line. The arches in our feet help keep our knees in line with our hips, which can actually help with our posture. Being barefoot allows us to not only strengthen the muscles in our feet, but also the muscles and ligaments in our ankles. At KidStrong, we do this through different balancing and stability exercises. Shoes are important and have their place, but when we wear shoes, we lose some of the stability and flexibility in our ankles due to the closed off structure of the shoe.

Going barefoot can also help stimulate both the mind and body. Sensory input is important for all ages. Through Kidstrong, students are getting sensory input without even knowing it! They are using their feet to feel and grip the equipment as they climb, walk, run and jump their way through the different courses. They are learning about their environment through that sensory input, strengthening their lower body and improving their posture - all just by being barefoot!


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