Jan 22, 2019 1 min read

Building stronger kids is about consistency

There is a common trait we see with parents of the most confident, independent, and socially/emotionally strong kids.

It’s not a parenting hack or trick.

It’s not a secret from some parenting guru.

It’s consistency.

When parents are consistent they can move mountains with a child’s development. We’ve observed a hundred times at KidStrong. We’ve seen kids go from crying and holding on mom’s leg to walking into class with chest held high and high fiving a coach. We’ve seen kids go from bouncing off the walls to being focused and alert for an entire class. We’ve seen kids conquer obstacles they never thought were possible because their parents never gave up and kept at it day after day and class after class.

These parents understand: There is no shortcut and you can’t skip steps.

Even after seeing this many times, I am still always amazed when a kid makes dramatic progress. Recently after class, I was talking with a parent whose child has made huge strides socially (after a lot of work from mom) and she looked at me and said “I can’t believe it. She’s like a different kid.” This was not an easy feat and to me this mom is a hero. There were many tough times and it would have been much easier to call it quits.

For anyone raising or working with kids please understand that it’s a marathon in every sense of the word. It takes time. All good things do.

When you have a rough day remember that it’s just that - a rough day. It will pass and you will be stronger because of it. Eventually, you will break through and on the other side is a child that might surprise you.


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