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About Coach Emily

Hi guys! My name is Emily Damron and I am one of the coaches here at Skilz. I am super excited to combine my background in pediatric occupational therapy as well as my passion for health and fitness to support and coach this amazing program for children.

I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2002 and have been working with children in occupational therapy for over 14 years. I have had extensive training in a variety of settings (private practice, outpatient & schools) as well as continuing education to ensure the best practices to improve the motor, social and emotional development of children.

Being an active mother of two boys, ages 10 and 9, I was looking for a place where my own children could gain strength, coordination and confidence. Because of SKILZ, I feel confident that my boys will develop excellent athletic abilities under the programming of knowledgable coaches such as myself, Matt and Megin. SKILZ will be ensuring that my boys will have well rounded coaching with a science based background to guarantee success individually. And I ensure that for each child when they come through the doors at SKILZ. I look forward to coaching each child, getting to know their amazing families and watching every accomplishment they make.