About Coach Megin

Hi! My name is Megin Sharp. Allow me to quickly introduce myself.  Before starting in the fitness industry and staying home with my 15 month old daughter, I was an Elementary Physical Education teacher and I taught for 6 years.  I also coached Track and Field for 2 years, and I have over 9 years experience working with children of all ages.

I have a strong passion for both physical activity as well as teaching kids; so naturally I would want to incorporate the two.  I have been involved in some type of activity my entire life; including gymnastics, t­ball, softball, basketball and track.  I believe that by being involved in physical activity from a young age, it has given me the confidence physically, mentally and emotionally in becoming the person I am today.

My drive for this program comes from wanting my daughter, to be introduced in all areas of fitness, sports and general physical activity in order for her to learn how to move her body proficiently, in hopes that she gains confidence about her body and enjoys being physically active the rest of her life.

I encourage you to come try a Skilz class out and see for yourself what we are all about!!!